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Royston, Hertfordshire ~ Salary £neg.
We are looking for a Bio-Scientist for our client based near Royston. You will be involved in the core stages of technology and product development and work alongside experienced biochemists and biologists to characterize and improve molecular and cellular tasks. As well as bringing a range of skills in biology and biochemistry, your ability to communicate scientific concepts clearly and accurat... more info
(vacancy reference : 31431)
Royston, Hertfordshire ~ Salary £neg.
Our client is seeking to recruit Biologists that wish to be involved in novel technologies & technological products for their clients.

You will be involved in all stages of technology and product development including design (e.g. synthetic genes, probes, proteins, cellular systems or methods), experimental validation studies, target market analysis and technology landscaping, client conversati... more info
(vacancy reference : 31424)
Royston, Hertfordshire ~ Salary £neg.
We are looking for a Consultant Bioengineer / Consultant Biophysicist to work for a prestigious company near Royston, Herts. You will set the direction for the development of high-impact life science products and technologies, for business or selling initiatives, and for your own career growth.

Working within multi-disciplinary teams, you will create inventive new tools, methodologies and ins... more info
(vacancy reference : 31415)
Cambridgeshire ~ Salary range: £21,000 to 23,000
Polytec are recruiting for a Logistics Co-ordinator to plan and co-ordinate the movement of vehicles and drivers for a company based just to the north of Cambridge. A key aspect of the role is the ability to provide realistic ETAs to the laboratory by vehicle tracking and regular communication with drivers.

What You'll Be Doing:
* Planning and scheduling the delivery and collection of biologi... more info
(vacancy reference : 31411)
Royston, Hertfordshire ~ Salary £neg.
We are looking for a Graduate Physicist to work for a company based on the Cambs / Herts border. This is an opportunity to contribute to some of the newest and most interesting technology advances.

The role:
* You will consider problems as they really are and apply technical insight and experience to identify what matters, enabling decision making and guiding product design.
* You will al... more info
(vacancy reference : 31388)
Cambridgeshire ~ Salary £neg.
Polytec are recruiting for a Culture Collection Curator to join a growing team based in South Cambridgeshire. We are looking for a driven, organised and proactive individual who will focus on maintaining the company's culture-collection and its associated biodata. The successful candidate will be organised, efficient and meticulous with substantial anaerobic microbiology and bacterial characteris... more info
(vacancy reference : 31380)
Cambridgeshire / Japan ~ Salary range: £33,000 to 36,000
We are seeking an exceptional, self-motivated Research Scientist, with a PhD in Physics or Materials Science, to work on an exciting new thermoelectric technology research project for our client. This technology is based on using quantum dot materials for the semiconductor.

The project will initially involve working with the research team based at Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire before transferring... more info
(vacancy reference : 31368)
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire ~ Salary £neg.
We are seeking a Process Engineer for a client based near Huntingdon to improve the fabrication process of low volume printed electronics devices.

You will:
* Use appropriate statistical tools to identify failure modes and implement solutions to minimise risks and maximise yield.
* Design experiments to test hypothesis, make recommendations to develop best practices and propose innovative so... more info
(vacancy reference : 31358)
Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire ~ Salary £neg.
We are seeking an experienced Scientist with a background in Physics / Materials Science for a company based in Huntingdon.

* To improve the performance of biosensor readers/devices by correlating materials properties and process parameters to device performance.
* To evaluate new technologies in emerging applications in biosensor systems.
* Using the improved understanding in these... more info
(vacancy reference : 31322)
Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire ~ Salary £neg.
We are seeking an experienced Scientist with a background in Bioengineering for a company based in Huntingdon.

* Develop novel biosensors based on organic and printed electronics.
* Prepare electrical and opto-electronic transducers and assays with biosensing functionality
* Identify and develop testing methodologies to assess the sensitivity, dynamic range and specificity of biose... more info
(vacancy reference : 31321)

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