Test Technician

We are looking for a Test Technician with experience working on medical devices for a company based a few miles south of Cambridge.

You will be responsible for the mechanical and functional testing of devices at all stages of the development process, from early concept through to verification. This includes physical and environmental stress conditioning, detailed inspections, physical dimensional measurements, force, and torque testing.


* Experience of following detailed protocols and performing high quality test work.
* Proficiency in recording and documenting test work.
* Experience of adhering to Health and Safety practices and policies.
* Able to adapt to changing priorities.
* Effective verbal and written communication skills.

* Experience of working in a test laboratory or workshop.
* Good understanding of good laboratory principles
* Experience of conducting testing of physical / mechanical properties and function of products.
* Experience of working within a medical or drug delivery device product testing laboratory.
* Experience in handling pharmaceutical formulations and hazardous chemicals.

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[ Cambridge, Hourly rate: £neg. | vacancy reference : 33920 ]

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