Test and Measurement Technician

We are looking for a Test and Measurement Technician to join a company in Cambridge to take on responsibility for the characterisation of devices. You will be implementing the test and measurement programme for production devices.


* Experience of the optoelectronic characterisation of semiconductor devices
* Knowledge of optoelectronic and electrical measurement equipment and testing techniques
* Have used both manual and automated probe stations to perform die-level device testing
* Familiar with ESD and laser safety requirements
* Experience of assembling, reconfiguring and calibrating measurement setups
* A solid understanding of electrical and electronic circuits, with ability to debug or build test circuits
* Excellent attention to detail and communication skills, both verbal and written
* Team player with a can-do attitude

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[ Cambridge, Salary range: £25,000 to £30,000 | vacancy reference : 33912 ]

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