Senior Scientist- Assay Development

We are seeking an Assay Development Scientist with hands-on experience in designing and testing molecular and cellular assay formats for a company in Cambridge. You will be responsible for optimising the performance of existing and design novel assays down to single cell and picolitre performance. As part of this work, you will establish reference bench assays and adapt them for use on company platforms.


* PhD in biochemistry or a similar field plus a minimum of 2 years' lab-based postdoctoral experience in academia or industry (an MSc with 7+ years' of relevant experience would also be considered)
* A first-class or 2:1 degree in biochemistry or similar
* Strong background in biochemical assays, molecular assays and in vitro phenotyping techniques
* Proven track record in development and validation of molecular and cellular assays with a range of readouts formats
* Experience with use of relevant software/analysis strategies to interpret assay data with respect to sensitivity, specificity, range, stability, reproducibility and precision
* Demonstrable experience with interdisciplinary and cross-functional working
* Exceptional problem-solving skills
* Excellent communication skills, ability to relate complex scientific concepts in a clear and concise manner
* Experience of independent, self-directed work, excellent organisational and record keeping skills

For further details and to apply please get in touch with Polytec directly.

[ Cambridge, Salary range: £38,000 to £45,000 | vacancy reference : 33633 ]

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