Systems Requirements Test Engineer

We are looking for a Systems Requirements Test Engineer for a 12-month contract role with a company in Royston. You will be responsible for conducting research and development activities, applying research theories, principles, and models, summarising research results and communicating the findings to internal and external stakeholders.


* Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science, (Master's degree preferred)
* At least 7 years relevant experience in product design and development with a solid understanding of the product lifecycle
* Able to identify, break down and solve a variety of difficult technical problems
* Strong aptitude for hands-on engineering testing and experimentation in a lab/shop environment
* Disciplined and well-organised in documentation (plans, requirements, drawings, design reviews, and test methods)
* Experience working with ISO requirements and other relevant guidelines and regulations
* Knowledge of statistical methods and analysis
* Team player with good communication skills

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[ Royston, Hertfordshire, Hourly rate: £35.00 | vacancy reference : 33511 ]

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