PCB Hand Assembly Operator

We are looking for a PCB hand assembly operator to join a team just outside Huntingdon, placing components on PCBs by hand before either hand soldering or being soldered using an automated selective solder machine. You will be extremely conscientious in attitude, reflected in an appreciation of quality, cost and efficiency. A flexible attitude towards working hours and a competent, keen personality are also key to this role.


* Any previous work within a technical manufacturing environment would be advantageous
* Previous experience in PCB assembly
* Excellent soldering skills using hand held soldering irons
* Good component recognition and an acute attention to detail
* Ability to read and understand production documentation including bills of materials, basic assembly drawings and written work process instructions
* Minimum of 2 years' experience of similar work in an SMT and PTH assembly position
* Minimum of 1 years' experience of working in an area handling static sensitive electronic components and assemblies
* Previous experience in a batch-manufacturing environment
* Effective Communicator (written and verbal)
* Knowledge of, and adherence to, ESD controls and precautions
* Health and Safety Awareness

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[ Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Salary range: £18,250 to £19,500 | vacancy reference : 33508 ]

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