Fluidics Engineer / Physicist

We are seeking a talented Fluidics Engineer / Experimental Physicist to join an expanding technical team within a Cambridge based company. You will be responsible for engineering and testing system improvements, problem-solving, troubleshooting and analysis. You will also be responsible for running experiments in conjunction with cell biologists and scientists from other disciplines in order to validate and deliver results.


* Educated to PhD level in Physics
* Familiar with optical systems, microscopy or microfluidics
* Exceptional problem-solving skills
* Strong technical background in applied physics, especially in imaging optics, microscopy, microfluidics
* Experience in design, build and implementation of advanced optics, microfluidics or biophysics experiments
* Experience using trouble shooting and debugging in house automation software
* Demonstrable interest in interdisciplinary research
* Excellent communication skills
* Excellent teamworking skills

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[ Cambridge, Salary range: £35,000 to £45,000 | vacancy reference : 33175 ]

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