Post-Doctoral Researcher, Chemist

We are looking for a Chemist to assist in the development of next generation energy storage materials through design, synthesis, and testing new materials.


* Chemistry PhD or a Chemistry degree plus equivalent work experience within an industrial or academic environment
* Relevant work experience in a high-tech R&D or manufacturing environment
* Strong background knowledge in organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, or the synthesis and surface functionalisation of inorganic nano particles
* Knowledge of polymers and relevant analytical techniques
* A good understanding of structure - property relationships in functional materials
* Hands-on experience within the following areas:
- Design and synthesis of functional materials for ion-selective membranes or energy storage devices
- Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
- A demonstratable interest in the synthesis of functional materials and their evaluation in some device format
* Experience with Intellectual Property (IP) generation and patent filing would be an advantage.
* Computer literate (Windows and Microsoft Office)

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[ Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, Salary to: £36,000 | vacancy reference : 33127 ]

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