Medical Technologist

We are looking for a Physicist with a background in either research or commercial product development and direct experience of developing technologies relevant to clinical / surgical instrumentation to join a Royston based company. Ideally you will also have a familiarity with the medical device industry or experience working in a clinical setting.

You will be involved in wide ranging aspects of technology and product development such as invention, analysis, computational modelling, prototype design, laboratory testing, process development, and manufacturing.


* First or Upper-Second class degree or equivalent in physics from a world-class university. A PhD or similar is advantageous
* Experience with clinically or surgically relevant technologies
* Development of technologies such as ultrasound, endoscopy/imaging, OCT, MRI, X-ray, medical robotics, sensors and haptics, surgical navigation, image processing and machine learning with medical data
* A hands-on attitude and enjoy making what you design or taking your theories into the lab and putting them to the test
* Excellent communication skills

The following would be highly beneficial:

* Experience working in a clinical setting or on regulated medical product developments
* Insatiable curiosity
* Analytical approach
* Creativity
* Initiative
* Leadership qualities

[ Royston, Hertfordshire, Salary £neg. | vacancy reference : 32346 ]

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