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We are looking for a scientist in chemistry to develop next generation organic electronic materials by designing and synthesising new functional materials to a high level of purity, working within a multidisciplinary team to further material performance for organic photodiode (OPD) applications.


* Creative contribution to idea generation, studies and project meeting discussions.
* Propose novel materials and recommendations to solve synthetic chemistry issues.
* Execution of simple and complex synthetic organic chemistry transformations on small to large scales, to a high standard of purity, with high-quality documentation.
* Full characterisation of all materials prepared and highlighting of anomalies in the results.
* Initiation, delivery and documentation of high-quality studies and projects based on sound scientific hypotheses, conclusions and recommendations to achieve R&D targets.
* Compilation of results in a timely and accurate manner, in the required format (written, verbal, formal presentation).
* Effective communication with synthetic chemists, analysts, device physicists, and project leaders.
* Ensure that health and safety standards are being met and maintained. Work safely within the laboratory environment; carry out COSHH and risk assessments of processes.
* Contribution to maintenance of a tidy and efficient laboratory environment for all laboratory users. Perform functional duties as required.


* Chemistry PhD, or a degree in chemistry coupled with equivalent experience gained in an industrial or academic environment.
* Excellent ability in material design and synthetic organic or organometallic chemistry is essential.
* Synthetic experience of functional materials for OPD, OPV, OLEDs or similar is essential.
* Strong scientific credentials, curiosity, and an interest in multidisciplinary research.
* Strong team-playing skills and the ability to operate in multidisciplinary teams.
* Ability to work unsupervised for long periods without losing touch with the aims of the team.
* Strong organisation skills, good time management and attention to detail.
* Excellent problem-solving capabilities, in combination with a willingness to seek expert assistance and peer advice when required.
* A calm and methodical approach to work during busy periods, and the ability to work on more than one target simultaneously without loss of efficiency or productivity.
* An ability to react quickly and positively to changing priorities and unexpected demands in a dynamic and changing environment.
* Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, influence at all levels and able to report back results accurately and in a timely manner.

Additional experience within one or more of the following areas ideally acquired during postdoctoral experience would be an advantage:

* Electrochemistry
* Synthesis of organometallic or coordination compounds
* Surface chemistry and / or functionalisation of nanoparticles
* Knowledge of polymers and relevant analytical techniques.

[ Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Salary range: £33,000 to £36,000 | vacancy reference : 31803 ]

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