Consultant Biophysicist

We are looking for a Consultant Bioengineer / Consultant Biophysicist to work for a prestigious company near Royston, Herts. You will set the direction for the development of high-impact life science products and technologies, for business or selling initiatives, and for your own career growth.

Working within multi-disciplinary teams, you will create inventive new tools, methodologies and instruments for applications such as cutting-edge point-of-care diagnostics, and life sciences instrumentation. You will also contribute to and lead ambitious projects, working collaboratively with a high degree of devolved responsibility. You will grow strong relationships with clients, understanding them along with their strategy and vision.

Essential requirements:
* A first or 2:1 undergraduate degree in physics, engineering, or a related discipline, from a world-class university.
* An experimental PhD, experimental Masters degree or industrial experience in a life-science-related field.
- Multi-disciplinary experience of applying engineering to understanding and overcoming the limitations of current life science methods would be particularly applicable.
- Relevant fields could include point-of-care diagnostics, sample preparation, high-throughput cell sorting, single-cell analysis, bio-printing - but experience in other similar fields could be equally valuable.
* You enjoy both theoretical reasoning and experimental work. You should be able to draw on fundamental understanding of physical principles, but also construct elegant, efficient experiments to create clear evidence on which to base decisions.
* Insatiable curiosity - Whether it's new technology or how a business makes money, you dig deeper to generate valuable insight.
* Communication skills - You enjoy collaborating and presenting your work to others and explaining why it matters to them.
* Drive - You take on new responsibilities, seek challenging objectives, and pursue them with tenacity and pragmatism.

Candidates with greater experience will increasingly fulfil these additional requirements:
* Leadership - You build collaboration by engaging with the needs and perspectives of clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders, enabling you to act in others' interests, build confidence, and establish trust.
* Insight - You demonstrate technical and commercial insight and the ability to apply these to development decisions, and to uncovering commercial opportunities.
* Initiative - You take action to exploit opportunities - whether technological, commercial, personal, or otherwise - and make the most of them.
* Familiarity with regulated development processes (such as ISO 13485) will be of value for this role.
* You might be a good fit for this role if you've worked in areas such as:
- Single molecule sensing (optical, electronic or other), DNA Origami, Protein Interactions and folding, Microfluidics for cell handling, Microfluidics for diagnostic tests, Cell physics, Biological membrane physics, Droplet or bubble physics.
- However, if you're not familiar with any of these areas but have worked in a similarly exciting field at the interface of physics, engineering and biology then please get in touch.

This role is open to applicants from any career stage; from the PhD student about to graduate, to experienced professional.
* If you are early in your career, you will still need to learn some aspects of the role but will be expected to demonstrate the essential requirements. Your CV should show how your extra-curricular activities, academic research or internship demonstrate your wider potential.
* A few years into your career you will have a demonstrable track record, but still have plenty of scope to develop. Your CV should detail your achievements.
* As an experienced professional, you will be able to demonstrate your technical and commercial impact. We want to hear how you can expand our client's capabilities or build a new area of business.

[ Royston, Hertfordshire, Salary £neg. | vacancy reference : 31415 ]

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