Test Engineer

We are seeking a skilled engineer to plan, automate and execute tests of novel electromechanical components. You will be working in an R&D environment on ultrasonic, biosensor, and MEMS devices. This role is based near Royston, Herts.

You will be able to understand a job quickly, choose an approach and deliver results without the need for day-to-day supervision. You will work on a wide range of interesting problems and must be well organised, good at prioritising and keeping your team informed. You will develop broad hands on experience and an understanding of the fundamentals needed to make good technical decisions without micromanagement.

The successful candidate will have a background in the development of mass-produced electro-mechanical products, instruments or equipment. You will have experience in the design, build, and commission of development & test rigs. You will be skilled in test execution, fault finding, data analysis and reporting of the results.

Skills & Experience
* You translate the requirements of a development team into new test protocols, then you automate them. This includes integrating off-the-shelf kit, writing control code and logging results.
* You know how to get custom rigs and jigs made. Whether you do the CAD and machining yourself, or work with others, you've been responsible for the build and commission of test equipment.
* You have a practical knowledge and understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering.
* You know that things rarely work first time, so you have good fault-finding and problem solving skills.
* You analyse results, you understand what they mean and you know when something is gone wrong. You're happy to explain to your colleagues why the results matter to them.

[ Royston, Hertfordshire, Salary £neg. | vacancy reference : 30855 ]

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