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Why use Temporary Staff? : information for employers

Why use Temporary Staff?

Temporary staffing provides the flexibility to meet the peaks in demand within any industry. Taking a worker on a temporary basis releases your company from the statutory requirements of employment regulations as well as being an excellent introduction for potential permanent recruits.

Temporary positions may last from a few days to a year or more, and many of our temps actually prefer to work in this way as it provides them with complete flexibility. As temps, they are still entitled to the full range of benefits of a permanent employee, such as holiday pay, sick pay and even employer pension contributions, and Polytec is responsible for administering these.

All charges for temporary staff from Polytec are fully inclusive.

As an employer, you'll be aware of the hidden costs incurred when employing staff directly. Holiday pay, Employers National Insurance and Workplace Pension contributions alone can add upto 27% onto the total cost of employment. When you choose temporary staff from Polytec, the price you'll pay is the total cost for the work done, - with no hidden extras.

Couple these with other overheads such as training periods, sickness absence and payroll administration, and its not surprising that for hundreds of companies, from small 'start-ups' to global multinationals, the use of temporary staff is a highly cost effective way to meet short term demands.

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