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Data-driven invention company Iprova opens new Cambridge office
September 22, 2022

A company that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment and enhance humans’ ability to invent has opened a new, larger office in Cambridge.


Cambridge start-up secures £23m for its software-based approach to GPS
September 15, 2022

A Cambridge start-up has secured up to £23m of investment for its software-based approach to GPS positioning following a multi-round Series C funding round.


South Cambridgeshire Council to trial 4-day working week in UK first
September 13, 2022

A Cambridgeshire council is poised to become the first local authority in the UK to trial a 4-day working week.


Cambridge scientists grow ‘synthetic’ embryo with brain and beating heart
August 29, 2022

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have successfully created model embryos from mouse stem cells which have a brain and a beating heart, as well as all the foundations for other bodily organs.


Cambridge scientists make clean fuel from ‘artificial leaves’
August 24, 2022

A team of scientists from Cambridge has developed floating "artificial leaves" which generate clean fuels from sunlight and water.


Mindful employees less likely to quit, study finds
August 11, 2022

Employees who practise mindfulness are less likely to be bored at work and less likely to quit their jobs, a new study has found.


Amazon to create 4,000 new UK jobs this year
July 21, 2022

Online retail giant Amazon has announced that it plans to create 4,000 new UK jobs this year, despite the tech industry’s downturn.


Cambridge named most ‘AI-ready city’ in new report
July 21, 2022

Cambridge is the most “AI-ready city” in the UK, new research from a leading AI and analytics specialist has revealed.


Cambridge University EV charging spin-out raises £50m to lead the future of sustainable energy storage
July 19, 2022

A University of Cambridge electric vehicle (EV) charging spinout has secured £50m in funding to help it build a UK manufacturing plant.


Cambridgeshire data centre campus takes huge step forward with funding deal
June 22, 2022

A new 700,000 sq. ft. data centre campus in Cambridgeshire has taken a huge step towards becoming a reality after the site’s owners agreed a new funding package.

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