Job hunting tips for the festive season

Although Christmas is usually a time to wind down and enjoy down-time with friends and family, it doesn’t mean that your job search should come to an abrupt end. In fact, Christmas and New Year can be a great time to perfect your CV, search for jobs, make applications and practice your interview skills.

Are employers still looking to fill vacancies this time of year?

Yep. Despite the Yuletide slump, employers will still be looking for new staff and you could be missing out if you stop your search! Hiring is not seasonal – it’s on demand. If a company decides that they need a new employee or if a current employee moves on, they need to fill that gap irrespective of the time of year. It’s likely that recruiters and HR personnel will have less people to deal with during the quiet festive period, so they will be much easier to reach and engage with. Hiring Managers may have an annual hiring budget that needs using before the end of the year, so they will use this to fill vacancies this side of Christmas.

Is it worth applying for temporary positions?

Absolutely! Many businesses are seasonal and so they may be looking to hire extra staff at this time of year. Although the position may only be temporary, companies typically keep some of the temps they hire for the holidays. Be sure to make a good impression and this could be you!

How can I stay productive with my job search during the festive season?

Most job seekers are likely to put their job search on hold this time of year (and that means less competition for you so carry on!). In fact, many people leave it until January, so beat the New Year rush and get in first! Stay productive by engaging with recruiters on social media (in particular Twitter and Linked In) and use your spare time to attend networking events to help you to connect with people who may influence your job search.

Can I still enjoy the festivities?

Of course! Although your job search may take some time and energy, once you have secured a new role, you can relax and enjoy the festivities! Not only will you have financial peace of mind, you will also rest easy knowing that you don’t have to spend the first few weeks of the year job hunting!

If you don’t have the time or energy to job search before Christmas, New year can be a great time for reflection. Evaluate your career achievements so far and figure out what you would like to change going forward by making goals that you are ready to action in January.

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