Cambridge Tech Salaries among Highest in UK

Demand for IT workers in Cambridge is high and that has caused tech salaries in the region to rise to become some of the highest in the whole of the UK. That’s one of the key findings to be revealed in Office for National Statistics* (ONS) data compiled by job search engine Adzuna and entrepreneur network Tech Nation.

Image credit: Kevin Ku from Pexels

According to the figures, the median tech salary in the UK is £39,000. In Cambridge that jumps significantly to £51,225 – an increase of 31.35%! One of the reasons behind the attractive salaries being offered to techies in Cambridge is the high number of tech vacancies in the region.

Fast-growing tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, are all looking to fill positions across Cambridgeshire. In fact, these companies have over a hundred vacancies between them, according to the ONS data.

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Data scientists are most in demand

Data scientists are the most in-demand role. This is reflected in the salaries they command in Cambridge, with the average being £58,759 – an increase of 32.7% since 2019, making it one of the highest-paid roles in the area.

Cambridge has firmly established itself as a hub for tech companies and is currently home to no less than 86 startups, all of which will be striving to become the next Cambridge-born unicorn (a startup valued at more than $1bn). And that’s not out of the question when you consider that Cambridge has been the birth place of four unicorns to date.

The University of Cambridge has played a significant role in helping the city become an attractive place to invest for tech companies. In fact, the university has produced more European companies and founders than any other in the UK.

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Speaking about the data, Dr George Windsor, head of insights at Tech Nation, said: “Cambridge is one of the most attractive cities in the UK for tech employees thanks to a mix of exceptional companies, increasing demand for talent, and high salaries.”

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