Amazon Continues to Invest in Cambridge by Creating a New Team Focussed on Amazon Scout

What is Amazon Scout?

Amazon is now actively hiring software development engineers in Cambridge who specialise in robotics and autonomous systems technology.

The new Cambridge-based team is another example of Amazon's continued investment in the city and the UK. Amazon Scout joins other teams that form Amazon's innovative Cambridge Development Centre, which hosts groups focused on other pioneering areas.

The creation of the Amazon Scout team in Cambridge comes after Amazon announced earlier this month that it was creating 10,000 new permanent roles across the UK in 2020, taking the company’s total permanent UK workforce to more than 40,000.

You can learn more and see Amazon Scout in action in the video below:


Amazon is creating a new team at its Cambridge Development Centre to work on research and development of the company’s autonomous electric delivery robots.

The online giant will recruit a new team comprising dozens of engineers to help it achieve its goals. The new team’s focus will be on developing Amazon Scout* for global use.

Amazon Scout is a small, fully-electric, self-drive delivery service. The Amazon Scout devices themselves (pictured above) are about the size of a small cooler and trundle along pavements at walking pace. Once one arrives at its delivery destination, a hatch opens so the customer can remove what they’ve been sent.

Right now the autonomous delivery vehicles are only being used in four US states as part of a field test, but the project is set to expand.

“The team we’re building in Cambridge will work closely with the Amazon Scout research lab in Seattle, US, to develop on-system software to help Scout delivery devices safely and autonomously navigate around pedestrians, pets, and obstacles found in residential neighbourhoods such as recycling bins and sign posts,” Amazon said in a blog post**.

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