4 Ways to Use the Time Right Now to Up Your Job Hunting Game

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak means most people are at home wondering how everything is going to eventually play out. The lack of a daily commute also means most of us have more time on our hands right now than ever before. So if you’ve been considering looking for a new job, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve compiled this list of tips to ensure your time at home is as productive as possible and you’re in a great position job hunting wise once the dust has settled.

1. Learn a new skill

If you’re like most people, there’s a skill or technology you’ve been meaning to learn/understand for a long time, but simply haven’t got around to doing it because life got in the way. But what better time than now to finally knock it off your to-do list and boost your appeal to potential new employers in the process.

Have a look around online because there are some incredible deals on virtual training courses out there at the moment.

2. Update and polish your CV

Again, you’ve got a fantastic opportunity right now to spend some time updating and polishing your CV (perhaps even adding that new skill you’ve just learnt). It’s not good waiting until this situation is over and then thinking about it. Stay ahead of the game and be ready once all the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

3. Optimise your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn profiles are basically real-time, searchable CVs. Make sure yours is working hard for you 24/7 by crafting a killer headline; updating your skills and experience; and adding relevant keywords that potential employers might be searching for to your profile summary.

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4. Prepare for interviews

Finally, get yourself prepared for all the interviews you’re going to have once this testing time is over. While you don’t necessarily know the roles you’ll be interviewing for, practice makes perfect and you can run through mock interview in the comfort of your own home.

Consider some questions a potential employer might ask and come up with some really solid answers to them. You can use Google to find out some typical interview questions and even have someone run through them with you via Skype or similar.

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